Affiliate Marketing and
Direct Booking platform
for the hospitality industry

Affiliotel is an affiliation marketing agency specialized in the hospitality industry. We drive high quality traffic to our clients’ websites through our network of affiliates (also known as publishers). These affiliates publish lifestyle or travel websites, blogs and portals which they can use to promote Affiliotel member hotel(s) or any other accommodation. As a hotelier you gain access to a whole new sales channel with potentially thousands of websites to which you can market your property direct. You pay a commission of 10% (see our introductory offer below) on bookings generated and consumed. Saving you at least 33% on OTA commissions (Online Travel Agents, like Booking and Expedia)!

And you have all the advantages of direct bookings as explained in the dedicated hoteliers section.

Affiliotel is easy to implement. By installing a line of code into your website/booking engine we can track all traffic and bookings coming from our affiliate websites. It takes your IT person 10 minutes to have it up and running. Plus we handle all reporting and payments. Leaving you time to give your guests a memorable experience.

This is a hassle-free, low-cost and non-risk advertising model.


Attract traffic to your own website and generate more direct bookings into your own booking engine.

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Earn money by promoting our members’ official websites.

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Connectivity Partners

Help your clients attract more direct bookings.

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Attract traffic to your own website and generate more direct bookings into your own booking engine.

Become less dependent on the OTA’s*: sell (and upsell) direct

ONLY pay commissions for generated sales on completed stays

Easy, one-time implementation: NO software needed, NO link tracking, NO analytics, NO extranet, NO channel manager

List your property on the direct booking portal AND market your property through potentially thousands of affiliate websites, blogs and portals worldwide.

Why Affiliotel?

Benefit from the trend among consumers of preferring to book direct with a hotel and bypass the OTA’s. This direct contact maximizes your chances to convert them into buyers. Once on your site, visitors can browse all your pages, explore the totality of your offers and choose additional services bringing you additional income. If your booking engine (don’t have a booking engine?) has a possibility to give discounts, promotions, coupons or other agreed rates you can further expand the possibilities gaining more direct bookings through our platform.

Reach and engage new and existing guests in a measureable way. We use advanced tracking technology software to record when traffic generated by our affiliate sites results in bookings. No need for you to spend time and money tracking leads. We will provide you with simple report details leaving you time for giving your guests a memorable experience.

As customers book into your website’s booking engine, you “own” the guest relationship/traveller profile. For instance you can collect payment deposits and store all booking details in your own system. You can presell and live up to your clients’ expectations, as well perform after-sales to get feedback on your offerings.

Affiliotel Hoteliers

We select only affiliates that meet our criteria: quality travel and lifestyle websites and blogs, like and By signing up you will have access to our publisher database and you can actively connect with them.

There is no need to sign up (or pay!) for multiple regional or country-specific affiliate marketing agencies. You sign up once and don’t have to bother with country, region or language specifics.

Installation is super simple: just add a line of code to your current website, no surgery required. It takes your IT person 10 minutes to have it up and running. Affiliotel integrates easily with your existing booking engine and website.

We charge a below industry regular commission of 10% (that saves you a minimum of 33% on OTA rates) on each booking generated and consumed with you having the added benefits of direct bookings as mentioned.

Hotels are invoiced monthly for all stays completed during the month prior up to an agreed threshold. Our network supports a flexible range of payment models.

Introduction offer

A single, non-refundable set-up fee is charged to individual properties:

Currently Affiliotel is in the development phase. We aim to have Affiliotel ready and online by summer 2017. Sign up now and support the direct booking revolution and we will give you a discount on the sign-up fee. Sign up now and pay:


for properties with less than 50 rooms


for properties with 50 rooms or more - groups or chains may benefit from reductions, please inform -

You will be the first to be featured on when it gets live PLUS hotels who meet the criteria for and benefit from commission free listings until Affiliotel’s official launch!

Q & A

How does it work?
Traffic coming from our affiliated websites are tracked by our software and can be viewed in your dashboard. By implementing a code into the directory of your booking engine we are able to track all bookings which too can be seen in your dashboard.
Do I need a channel manager?
We are not another online travel agent. By implementing the code there is not even need for a channel manager.
Do I need to sign into an extranet?
No, also not needed. You keep the availability on your website up-to-date as usual and no extra effort needs to be made.
Does Affiliotel work with BookingSuite or TripAdvisor Book direct?
Sorry, Affiliotel does not work with these booking engines. We believe because of the owner’s of these booking engines do not have individual hotels interests as their priority.
Do you work with direct booking boosters as TripTease, LiveRate, The Hotels Network, etc?
Although we offer a different product, yes. Actually we encourage to use their tools - they will (also) increase direct bookings. You still need to be found on the internet -preferably not through the OTA’s- and that’s where we come in.



Do you have a quality travel or lifestyle website, blog or portal? Earn money by promoting our members’ official websites. By placing a simple text link in your editorial content, which we will track, you can earn a generous commission on each completed stay. Affiliotel specializes in the hospitality sector, not only major international brands, but also small individual properties like B&B’s, guesthouses, vacation rentals or private villas.

How does it work?

  • 1

    Consumer visits your website, blog or portal and clicks the link within your content which directs to a client’s website;

  • 2

    Consumer makes a reservation on the website of the client;

  • 3

    Consumer concludes his stay (check-out);

  • 4

    You receive a commission.

Is there a fee to join Affiliotel?
Affiliotel is free to join for affiliates. There is no sign-up fee.
How much do I earn?
You earn a commission on every generated booking. If the client concludes his stay, the commission will be added to your account. In general your commission will be 5% of the (room) sales amount.
Where do I find the campaigns?
You are signing up to one single program (campaign) only. You do not need to sign up with several national or regional affiliate-marketing programs. Also, after acceptance* into the Affiliotel program, you do not need to sign up to every single or hotel chain; you can start right away promoting any of our members**.

* Affiliate websites are verified manually and have to meet our quality standards. Affiliotel or our members have the right to refuse any affiliate website that does not meet the quality standards or is considered offensive.

** Hoteliers/advertisers have the right to refuse any affiliate.

What is your cookie return policy?
We have a 30-day cookie return policy, so the customer does not have to make a booking right away.
How do I create the (text) links?
After browsing the directory simply choose the accommodation you want to promote by typing the name into the deep link generator in your dashboard. Promote hotels individually, by chain or group, in a specific city or region, by theme or style: the possibilities are endless. The created link will automatically include your specific account details. Basically you just need to copy and paste the link into your website or blog.
Where can I view my sales and earnings?
If you log into the Affiliotel network you can view all (real time) reports and earnings in one central location. We report to you the basics: number of unique visitors and conversions/sales, confirmed bookings and cancellations with the name of the individual property/offer.
How am I paid?
As soon as the monthly –low- threshold payment level is reached, you will have your money transferred into your bank account (SEPA countries) or by PayPal. Multiple currencies are available.

Connectivity Partners


As a booking engine provider you sell your clients a tool which makes their lives easier. Now you can also help them becoming less dependent on the OTA’s and more profitable by paying less commissions.

Affiliotel is an affiliate marketing agency specialized in the hospitality industry. Through our affiliates (who publish high-quality travel and lifestyle websites, blogs and portals) we drive traffic to your client’s website and booking engine. By implementing a conversion code (see an example below) in your directory we are able to track any conversion (booking) taking place coming from our affiliate websites.;

We are looking for server-to-server connectivity with a postback URL. Our software is provided by Tune/HasOffers. Excellent instruction manuals and tutorials are available on how to implement the conversion code.

Affiliotel charges 10% commission to its member hotels for bookings generated and consumed. This below industry standard commission is shared evenly between Affiliotel and the affiliate. Hoteliers will save a minimum of 33% on OTA costs.

Q & A

What are your stats, number of visitors/conversions, etc?
We don’t have that info available -yet. This is a start-up and we cannot produce any impressive statistics. Maybe that reminds you a bit of when you started your journey and therefore we are looking for a bit of sympathy. We do believe it is good for your clients: they can attract more direct bookings from more niche players and become less dependent on the general and powerful OTAs. And what is good for your clients is good for you.
Are you another TripTease, LiveRate, The Hotels Network or Hotelchamp?
No, although we believe these and likewise companies offer great tools to increase direct bookings. The only problem with them is that they actually do not increase visitors to their clients websites. That is where we come in - instead of visitors coming from the OTA websites we offer an alternative sending visitors direct. Modestly, but ambitiously we aim to become


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